Are You Feeding a Feral Colony?

If you are caring for a feral cat colony in the Fort Worth Area, we highly recommend that you register your colony. Texas Coalition for Animal Protection (TCAP) maintains a database of managed cat colonies throughout North Texas. Colony registration is not required by the city of Fort Worth, but opting to register your colony is still a very good idea.

When the Fort Worth city ordinance allowing TNVR was adopted in 2012, some cat colony caretakers were reluctant to provide detailed information about their colonies to city officials, who in the past may have given them citations for caring for outdoor cats.  At that time, TCAP volunteered to serve as a buffer between colony caretakers and the city by housing the database with colony information. TCAP  may  give limited information to the city, but will not divulge specifics.

We have worked to TNVR cats from colonies in which the cats appeared to be taken care of, but we were unable to locate any caretakers in that area, even though there were several people on that street watching over these cats. Had those colonies been registered it would have made a HUGE difference in the game plan!

We strongly encourage everyone to keep pictures of the cats within their colony with microchip numbers (if they have a chip). Please make sure the chips are registered to you, and that your contact information is up to date.

Here is the link to register your colony:

If you’re going to care for a colony, please TNVR them!!! Contact us if you need financial assistance to do so. If you care enough to feed, then care enough to TNVR!!!